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Time tracking that samples you randomly

TagTime Web is an open-source time-tracking web app. At random points throughout the day, it asks you what you are doing.

How it works

Stochastic time tracking is a system that sends you a ping at random intervals. While it's not very accurate at a small scale, it is very valuable for obtaining long-term insights as to how you spend your time.


Get a ping

Here's what TagTime Web looks like when you get a ping:

What a ping looks like



From there, you can enter tags:

Entering tags


Use your data

Once you've responded to enough pings, many types of graphs can be generated from your data:

Daily trend
View daily, weekly, and montly graphs
Matrix of pings
See a punch-card style graph of when you do certain tags the most


TagTime was initially written in Perl. TagTime Web is a complete, modern, re-implementation that works in web browsers. This isn’t the only re-implementation though: check out this comprehensive list for more.